Richard, your insights on the pitfalls of traditional productivity metrics resonate deeply. The analogy with the Marshmallow Experiment is thought-provoking, shedding light on the potential misalignment between perceived and actual measurements.

Your emphasis on sacrificing team well-being for productivity is a critical observation. The pressure-cooker environment you describe is unfortunately too familiar for many in the software development landscape. Your proposed shift in focus—from traditional metrics to team well-being—aligns with a growing understanding that a healthy and content team is more likely to yield sustainable productivity.

The Team Wellbeing Health Check you've introduced reflects a commendable effort to bridge the gap between caring for your team and achieving tangible outcomes. Your approach, combining an online questionnaire, one-on-one meetings, and continuous monitoring, presents a holistic method to assess and improve team well-being over time.

Your closing reminder about the importance of prioritizing well-being is a powerful call to action. In a world where productivity often takes precedence, your message serves as a valuable reminder that true success encompasses both productivity and the well-being of those driving it. Looking forward to more insights from The Modern Software Developer!

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